Upland Rural Tracks / Bridges

I have built a portfolio of upland rural tracks and bridges for a variety of purposes from upgrades to existing facilities to new routes for forestry extraction, wind farm access or estate access. Sensitive routes through RSPB Nature Reserves and new routes within the Cairngorm National Park have been carried out.

Replacement Bridge, Kingussie

This bridge replaced one which had been washed out by severe flooding.  Designed for a 40T vehicle capacity to facilitate forestry extraction.

Forestry Extraction Bridge, Ardverikie

A new bridge on a forestry extraction route with a 40T load requirement bridging a water course.  A similar construction was used close by to bridge an existing hydro scheme pipe.

Wind farm access track and bridge

Corrimony near Drumnadrochit, This required the development of 7 miles of new track across sensitive peatland and through the RSPB Nature Reserve. The bridge was a 13m span designed for turbine delivery vehicles with a loading of 120T..

Forestry access track and bridge near Spean Bridge

4 miles of access track and a 10m span bridge through existing forestry to facilitate harvest and extraction..